Buy Or Hire- What Is More Feasible For Freight Containers?

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Shipping or freight containers are available for both buying and hiring, but it’s your choice of what to do. Hiring these containers is certainly a cost effective method, where you can invest the additional money in other business growth. However, for big businesses looking for a long time use, buying the containers is more viable option compared to hiring. Now, whether you would like to buy it or hire it, the decision completely depends on the use of the containers. Here, in this article we will discuss the merits and demerits of buying and hiring.

How long are you going to use it?

This is the most important question and the entire scenario depends on this answer. If you are going to use the containers for longer period and use it with complete freedom, then investing on containers can be worthy. You will find various companies displaying ads on container sales and thus you can go for it. On the flip side, if you want the containers to cater the need of your business for temporary period then instead of buying you should hire it. Hiring or renting a nice containers are very economical.

What will be the usage?

The buying and renting also depends on what should be the usage of the containers. If you want the containers to be used to ship goods between your one ware houses to another, i.e. within the business then it’s ideal to go for container hire. If you want it for international shipping, it’s better to rent one as it will be used once in a while. If the shipment is taking place on regular interval then investing on the container is more economical.

Do you want to save money as of now?

This question can also be asked like what is your budget? There are many small businesses that work on a strict budget and thus buying a container is not a feasible option for them. Instead, hiring or renting containers of various sizes can cater to their need. If you have enough budget and want to directly possess your own shipping fleet, then buying would make certain sense. However, everything depends on the budget.

Is there any problem in renting old containers?

If you don’t have any obligation in renting old vessels then rent one for your business need.

Any plan to re-sell it?

If you have any plan to re-sell the containers after few years then it’s ideal to buy it. You will get some good amount of re-sell value from those containers, which you can further invest on buying new containers. In brief, both buying and renting can be a good option, but the decision depends on the aforementioned conditions.