Everything From A To Z

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Globalization has brought everything closer. They are sometimes one click away. The world has become a global village connected by many invisible thread that keep us all linked. Transportation, technology, communication, medicine, global markets all makes our lives easy. You can find from hairpins to a render pumps for sale on the internet. You can connect with a long lost friend through your social media networks and you just have to google their name. Video conference calls enable businessmen from different continents and different time periods to discuss and hold board meetings. You just have to make one phone call and things get delivered to your door step.

But with all of these advancements of globalization have we really advanced as human beings? Have we become better parents, friends, sons, daughters, neighbours, citizens etc.? Have we developed qualities of humility, generosity, kindness and comradeship?

The more advanced the technology has become, the more distant we have become as human beings. Our children likes to hang out with their cell phones than with their own family, we have become more obsessed with work and spend less time with our loved ones. We compete in the global market and sometimes sell our integrity for the highest bidder. Everything has become a competition. Who has the best car?, who has the most number of bank accounts, whose job is better, whose clothes are more fashionable, who has the best educational qualifications and which college did they go to? Everything has a price tag. From friendship to a packet of chips money plays its role.

I am not saying that a little competition is bad and that these advancements and money are evil. What I am saying is that sometimes amidst all these things we forget to live up to the true potential of our human nature. When everything from A to Z is a click away from us and life is made easy, we forget how it feels like to share, work hard for something, to have principles that you adhere to and never compromise. We forget what it feels like to be in someone else’s shoes and go through life facing their own problems. The more globalized we get, the further away we shift from each other. No amount of video calling or high-tech gizmo can draw a family together. We have our part to play in our families, community and our world. We must respect each other’s as well as ourselves in order to make a true impact to the world and to harvest the true profits of globalization.

Life is about living and what is nobler than living it as a human being of true value?