Forms Of Anger

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Wrath is an entirely normal emotion that all people experience when they are upset by someone or something. In spite of this fact, anger can still be obnoxious and cause individuals to behave in an irrational manner. This may in turn result to not only emotional pain but physical pain as well. There are certain forms of anger that are perfectly normal to experience. Nonetheless, some other forms of anger pose a grave problem in one’s life particularly he an individual relates with others at his workplace, home and in public. It is imperative that every individual gets to know how rage manifests itself differently and knowing the different forms of anger that exist and how various people are likely to react to these anger types that is why you should go to a workplace well being workshops. This helps an individual understand his anger emotions better. Described below are the different types of anger.

First off is chronic anger. Chronic anger is a continuing but the underlying type of anger. The chief cause of chronic anger is the resentment of the basic way of life. It is also brought about by hatred towards people. Another common cause of chronic anger is resentment to one’s self. Probably, an individual does not like the way he looks or the place he is forced to live or the career path he took. All these factors can give rise to a constant form of anger. People with this form of anger do not often realize that they need help with stress management. However, it is imperative that victims of chronic anger seek help such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Failure to control this anger will have a negative impact on an individual’s immune system. It will also result to depression and stress.

Volatile anger is another form of anger. This type of anger occurs recurrently. This means that it comes and then disappears. However when it does occur, it causes one to be explosive and react in an aggressive manner. For instance, a partner may end up breaking up with his loved one because the latter upset him slightly. It is one of the most perilous types of anger as victims react in violent ways or experience verbal outbursts. These victims may say very hurtful words to the people that upset them. In return, the inflicted person may also react in a harsh manner. For example, he may vow to never speak to the individual who acted in a rude manner. In worse scenarios, he may resolve to file charges against him for being insulting. Victims of chronic anger need to learn anger management techniques to help them control their emotions.

Another type of anger is retaliatory anger. This form of anger is most common in families. It is the kind of anger that one tries to pour back to a victim who has wronged him or said hurtful words to him. So to even the score, the victim reacts in an aggressive manner to the one who has done wrong to him. This form of anger is also known as payback anger. By getting angry at the individual who has done wrong to him, one probably thinks that he will feel better as he is simply getting even.