How To Improve Your Business By Changing The Seal?

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Your company has been in business for many years and was doing very well. You never had to worry about increasing your profits and increasing productivity all these years. But suddenly you realise that the sales in your company are dropping and your business is not doing too well. You do some research as to what could be causing this problem and find out that a new company that has just started their business is using a logo and name that is similar to your company and most of your customers are going to that company now.

Attractive seal

You ask your friends for advice and they suggest that you change your company logo to a more attractive one and have the rubber stamps also designed accordingly. So you immediately get in touch with the experts that handle this type of work and they tell you that they will send an official to your office to check out your requirements. The professional arrives and you show him the seal you are presently using for your business. The expert tells you that you should change the logo and make the size of the seal bigger so that your letter heads and official documents will look attractive to the customers.

Reasonable price

The professional shows you a catalogue with a variety of designs that the company has done for their customers. You are amazed at the beautiful designs available. The professional also tells you that they can make the seal in whatever colour you want and if you want it in a combination of two or three colours that too is possible. The official also shows you a few samples of single colour, double and tri colour designs that they have made for their customers previously. You are very impressed with the designs and are even happier with the prices quoted for the products. You place an order immediately and the professional tells you that he will bring a sample for your approval the following day. He also tells you that his company produces the JP stamp as well and that if you order both together you will get a discount on the second order.

Clear print

Before you know it the sample is at your office for your approval. The official tells you that all their products are made in keeping with the high standards in the market and that every product comes with a one year warranty. You test out the seal and it feels very comfortable in your hand. It is easy to hold and has a clear print when used.