How To Organize A Summer Camp For Your Kids

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Summer time is that time of the year where kids are off school and have too much time on their hands. In such a time, little disasters at home are quite common. Parents find it a test to their patience to make sure that their kids are on the line. Keeping your kids in line during summer is difficult if you do not give them things to do. Summer camps are one answer to keeping your kids happy and occupied during the summer. But, not all parents can afford to send their kids off to summer camps where they give them crystal trophies Australia at the end of the day. Here is how you do one at home.

Select a space
Well, let us start at the basics, by selecting a space. What you need to realize is that kids do not like to be cooped up in a tiny space. At least, not during their summer holidays. So wherever you may choose to have a summer camp, it needs to be a place where the kids have plenty of space for activities. You can choose a campsite, a backyard or a park, as long as there is enough security and space. Make sure that the place is secure and that there are no safety hazards such as unguarded cliff edges, waterbodies or animals. The space could be a place where you could camp out for a few days or a place where you could do a day trip.

Plan the activities
Once you have selected the space for the summer camp, the next step is to plan the activities. You could do this in consultation with your kid or the kids that you are taking along with you. The activities need not be complex. But simple activities such as art projects, sports, cooking, skits and carpentry can be incorporated. It is preferable to avoid activities such as gaming and internet browsing as these are activities that the kids of today do on a routine manner.

Plan rewards
It is not simply enough to plan activities. It is also necessary to reward them as well. So look for ways to reward the kids at the end of the summer camp. For example, if you are having a cookery workshop during your summer camp, conduct a competition to choose the best cake. Or the best art project. Get some awards and trophies so that the kids will have a tangible reward to remind them of the summer vacation.

Have a backup plan
Last, but not the least, have a backup plan for every scenario that may happen. For example, if a kid falls and breaks a leg, you should have a backup plan, should your car refuse to start up.