Innovative Methods That Could Be Used In Supermarkets

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Supermarkets are simply amazing places of shopping mainly because of the self-servicing ability. In those moments when you want to buy something yet don’t want to say it out loud to the retailer, you certainly come to appreciate the convenience these stores have to offer. However in order to make things more convenient for customers, more modern innovations have been followed by these store. With the introduction of a virtual store in Korea, you never thought things could get any easy did you, however you might have second thoughts on that. Here are a few such innovations that have been adopted by these stores; 

Quick scan

The use of bluetooth barcode scanner have been adopted by many such stores. These machines make it possible to scan items easily and quickly thus reducing the rush and hassle the customer might have to face.

Detail print

In order to provide a more detailed print of the purchases that have been made, many stores have started using cheap thermal printer, which is quite capable of performing the task and overcoming potential problems the store might have to face in the rise of an issue with regards to purchases that have been made by a certain customer. 

Display of likes

With rising using of technology and globalization, it is hard not to consider the opinions of others who might have purchased a product or accepted the use of a product. With Facebook having an upper hand in the whole of social media, a store in Brazil has managed to create hangers that depicts the number of likes for the particular product. This has been a method that has been used in order to increase sales by showing and indirectly sending the message of approval by the global community.

Card tips

You might pay for your purchase via card but have to tip in physical cash. But not anymore, a recent innovation of a machine that is capable of using the card to tip has been introduced. Each swipe adds 1$ to the tip, in case you want to tip more, you swipe it a number of times.

No more waiting with infra-red cameras

Generally used by armed forces this infra-red camera has now found another purpose to serve too. These are installed at the entrance of the store and near the counter, it manages to calculate the queuing traffic by considering body heat of those that enter and exit the store. Linked to a system it is capable of calculating and mentioning the number of lanes that need to be open and when exactly they need to be open, thus eliminating the waiting time of the customer.

These innovative methods have only made supermarkets all the more convenient to the customers and has managed to rise up in its sales. Next time you visit a supermarket you won’t have to worry about waiting in the queues for too long especially in the stores that have adopted these innovations! Don’t worry though they’ll be adopted by many stores in future and might even come up with more innovations as well!