Tips For Selecting The Best Book Printer

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When you have decided to go for self-publication of your book; the most important thing which you have to take care of in this context is related to the selection of a printer. While a good printer can do a miracle for the success of your work; choosing a wrong or bad printer can bring you down to meet failure with the project. Such can be because of the poor quality of publication and editing which your printer has ended up providing you leading to lower sale of the book published and loss of your investment.

Make sure to provide your printer with every detail about your book

In the case of self-publishing of books; it is the writer or the author who makes the complete investment for getting the printing and publication done. Thus, the selection of self publishing book printers has to be done very minutely taking all the related factors into consideration.

For ensuring that your printer works properly; you will have to provide him with relevant details about your story; the number of pages that your book will count, quality of the pages you want to use, the cover page design, page layout and the size of the book: large, medium or regular size. You will also have to make your printer know whether you want a simple paper cover or hard cover for your book. Some printers might also like to know whether you want your book cover page to be laminated or not. Only when you have provided all these details properly; shall your printer help in getting the publication correctly done.

Ask your printer for quotes and sample

Before you decide upon taking service from any printer; it is advised to ask him for the quote and then make a comparison of the same with few another self publishing book printers in your locality. Do not forget to ask your printer for a sample work to check out their quality of work and time constraints. Asking him for the expected time off work is a must when your work is subject to time constraints.

Look for the printer who offers all related services with publication

While some of the printers working for self-publication offer services related to editing, page designing, marketing and promotion of the books; few do not offer the same. If you have only the manuscript of the book ready for you while all other things like editing; page designing and layout, as well as marketing, undone; it is reliable to seek service from that printer who offer all these services as a package with a publication that too within the considerable price. Also, make sure that you check out the cost of per unit printing along with the cost of printing for the total unit together. Make a leap for the work only when you are satisfied with all the considerations related to your printer.